Information for advertisers on NW ACDA's web/newsletter


Businesses or institutions wanting to advertise on the NW-ACDA web pages should e-mail material to webmaster Howard Meharg.

General information: NW ACDA primarily serves its 1,100 member constituents. Our membership is made up of active choral directors in the schools, colleges, universities, and churches of the Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Many ACDA members in British Columbia and Alberta also consider themselves part of the NW division.

NW ACDA members conduct choirs ranging from children's groups to adult professional singers.

The web site has become our newsletter. NW Notes, our previous hard copy newsletter has been replaced by an all online version.

We do not keep a counter on hits on all pages. We cannot provide you with exact information on our website viewership. We believe, however, that a large percentage of our members visit the site frequently.

Content and format: We suggest that you provide a small JPG, GIF, or PNG ad in business card style, 350 px wide by 170 px high at 72 dpi.

You may e-mail this as an attachment to Howard Meharg.

See the current slide presentation on the lower front page of the site now as an example of how your ad will appear.

In addition to the front page slide show, you ad will also appear in a "static" version on articles pages. Ads are added to new aritcles as such material comes in. Your ad could appear in several other locations on the web site.

Be aware that the goal of web advertising is to entice a viewer to click on your ad to be linked to either your own web site or to a full page PDF file (that you supply) and that we upload on our server.

Screen real estate is limited and therefore our on-screen ads are relatively smaller than in print material. Again, design to entice further exploration.

Cost: Ads for the NW ACDA web site are $50 each for approximately four months. They can be changed or continued. The cost per year is $150. Please send check made payable to NW ACDA upon placing the order for your ad. If billing is necessary for your institution, we will bill. Further questions? Contact our web/editor, Howard Meharg.